Tricia Evans Needs To Stop Blaming Others

Tricia Evans Needs To Stop Blaming Others

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this isn’t going to be a rant about Tricia Evans being a hooker, it’s about how she never blames herself for her own actions. I would always defend Tricia when people would bash her and call her a hooker on this site because everyone has a past and we learn and grow from our mistakes. Recently Tricia has been ranting about quitting Sapphire day club because She saw a picture of Sharktales there mingling and minding his own business. She needed to find an excuse to use for not returning to Sapphires because she knows she won’t get hired back next pool season. Tricia is also ranting about hating America and wanting to wipe her butt with the American flag because she can’t find a job. Wake up Tricia, it’s not Anyone’s fault but your own! Is it Anyone’s fault you never finished High School and don’t have a degree in anything? Is it anyone’s fault that your only job skills are waiting tables? You are 35 years old, the mediocre modeling jobs aren’t coming anymore and clubs aren’t hiring you to waitress anymore so you try and find a legit job, but your education and skills are lacking… Blame yourself. You should’ve thought about your future instead of taking the easy route, I don’t feel bad for you one bit. Maybe you should get off and take some classes and better yourself instead of bashing other people on this site. I see through you now and I will no longer defend you because all you do is blame others for your own mistakes.

I do not like how Tricia uses the word F*G in her regular vocabulary.- nik

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