I Totally Got Catfished


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! I just got Cattfished so I’m putting this troll on blast! I started following her on IG and from all the pics she posted I thought damn she’s sexy as hell with a bangin body and a huge set of +2’s. After we met in person I quickly realized she’s a scam! All of her pics she posted are at least 7+ years old when she “was” hot and “had” a bangin body! Her most recent pics are close ups and photoshopped so you can’t tell that she’s really a nasty hippo! Huge legs and gut! Her ass, not attractive at all like she brags about. It’s fat with so much cottage cheese she makes Bomba look good. Her +2s, nasty fat bags and saggy as hell! Almost made my Greg fall off. When I called her out she quickly turned into a psycho b*tch. You need to expose her and DA she needs a name!

You can’t really call it a Catfish considering it’s really her. Maybe you should call her a Fatfish instead.- nik

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