Jamie Whitney


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This guy is a small time street punk roamin around victoria bc downtown core. Every woman hes ever been wit hes abused mentally, physically and emotionally.Dude is a Pedophile and a str8 Rapeist. How punks like this even get girls i have no idea. I personally know 2 women hes punched and knocked out and have fled victoria to not be around this sad excuse of a man! hes got a kid he never sees cuz the moms str8 scared of the guy which aint cool at all. I mean look at the guy…..hes a wonnabe affiliated biker hang around cuz mommys one of those ” hang around club meet ” kinda women. Regardless ppl like this shuld deff be put on blast for putting thier hands on women. ” Leave no man behind ” ?? Easy you Weak Goof! Please NIK help women know and see the image to what a real Dirty Punk Bi*ch Looks Like!!

Flipping the bird isn’t so effective when you’re taking a picture of yourself.- nik

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