Katelin Anderson of Thunder Bay

Katelin Anderson of Thunder Bay

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The Dirty Army: Nik, this manipulator of a parent is Katelin Anderson. She wins 2016 award for best manipulator Facebook mommy. Drama follows this one around and when she can't find it she creates it. Anyone who survived being her friend knows her very well! If you have ever had the cops called on you in her neighborhood (James St projects) especially child services it was most likely from her.

Yells at kids hanging out her window with her fat hamburger gut for everyone to see! EWW!. No one wants to see your fat DRD a**, Kate! especially our kids! My friend who use to live with her says she's always picking up a new nasty man to toy with every week! She has way too much time on her hands and spends it on the net creeping everyone while she ignores her child. I survived being her friend but her baggage she left on my kid is unbearable. She's brainwashed her f-bo y (Jessie) fiancé (who she cheats on and flirts with yucky men) whatever you want to call him into marrying her and has him lie for her! Her kids biological father she taunts and plays head games with using his kid as a manipulation tool.

She is an aspiring baby producing welfare fraud polluted by all the creeps. Brainwashes kids into believing she's the perfect mother. She will even try to manipulate you and even your kids into thinking she is your friend but gossips everything behind your back. When confronted she hides behind the police and will send you nasty messages then block you like a coward on Facebook. She treats her kid and fiancé like trash. Posts all over Facebook how they're everything to her then you see her in public and she's always yelling at them. She doesn't deserve them. She lies about everything to make herself look good but who are you kidding Kate! Anyone who knows you sees through your bullcrap.

I refuse to let my kids play with her kid as she is a very very bad person. Uses her kid as a sympathy tool and pawn to get what she wants. She claims to be studying in the social worker field but she needs to focus on being a good parent before passing judgement onto others but most crazy people make good social workers.

She posts old pictures of herself on social media sites for people to give her sympathy but she's actually fat and raids peoples kids garden. I caught Kate and her man stealing my vegetables one night- how sad is that! She's no stranger to my neighborhood because she's always sticking her nose in everyones personal lives.

It's time someone said something about herm as everyones scared to do anything as she will call child services (if you have kids) and the police on you if you cross her path.

It's hard to get a good picture of her as she's always constantly deleting and blocking profiles but you'll know when you see her because she's looked the same for years- only fatter. Deletes her social media accounts and reactivates it when she needs attention. Always wearing the same clothes and always on her phone. Her place is a stinky cat litter and smelly dog trap! Too busy flirting, creeping, eating and yelling at her kid and man to clean her own place! Cant cook worth sh** and well you know the rest- drinking and sleeping pills!

Her man should wake up and call child services if he was an actual DAD to her kid. Brainwashing manipulator this fat girl is. Watch out for your kids! She frequents the malls, Walmart, city buses, confederation college and all fast food restaurants! Avoid her! Protect your kids and your man! Call the police before she calls them on you!

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