I Don’t Wear Louboutin’s For A Reason


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think all high-end labels should start requiring people to show Pay-stubs in order to purchase their merchandise. It would really help prevent hookers, strippers & all trash alike from being able to buy & wear nice, expensive labels – reducing their value significantly. Louboutins – for example, I refuse to buy new pairs because their is soooo much trash out there now wearing them – that I refuse to. I will not cheapen my look and GOD-FORBID be confused with some trick who sold her soul for a pair of shoes. Nope, I’d rather buy other, high-end shoes that don’t have red-bottoms so easily recognized, and now currently on the bottom of a hookers feet near you.  I really think this is becoming such a big problem, that requiring pay-stubs would significantly reduce the amount of trash wearing clothes & shoes that are not meant for their kind of species. Stick to your porn-shop, stripper, lucite go-goo boots and leave the HiGH-END to the high-end folks out there. What do u think, Nik?

Every time I see woman wearing LB’s I laugh (Who did she go down on to get those?).- nik

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