Dorian Ricottone of Winnipeg, Canada

Dorian Ricottone of Winnipeg, Canada

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The Dirty Army: Nik, this is Dorian Ricottone. Him and I recently stopped talking because he is a creep! He gets overly attached to girls he just meets, forces himself on them. or gets them drunk so they are easier to sleep with and then manipulates them.

He will tell you he loves you a week into your relationship , which he is also doing to many girls at the same time.

I played into his games for a while but just in the past year he has given me a DRD and has had a full on relationship with another woman. He slept with 5 other women "that i know of" and has talked inappropriately to close to two dozen. He has gotten two different girls pregnant this year and has either forced abortions or caused a miscarriage .

He abuses women physically and says it's "passion" . He once put his hands on me and then told me I'm so sorry- "its passion I can't help it."

This disgusting piece of crap is almost 25 and still sleeps with underage girls. He showers once a week and brushes his teeth once a month. Hands down most disgusting person I have ever met.

He's lucky he's not behind bars for all the disgusting things he does .

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