Angela Ortega gets around

Angela Ortega gets around

Nik, let me tell you about this fat slore. Well to start off she DOES NOT look like her pictures at all. She has a huge belly I thought that maybe should could have been pregnant but nope it’s just a beer belly. She blames it on her kids but she had them like 10 years ago now! That is NOT belly fat. She constantly worries about dick everywhere she goes whether it be at work, or just going to the store the only thing she’s worried about are guys. That’s why her baby daddy literally left her. That’s why she doesn’t like me because she thinks he likes me but we don’t even talk! I only know his friends and she is a total whore. She gets government assistance and doesn’t even have a reputable job for her kids to look up to. All she wants to do is get sloppy drunk and f[ked she has no other care in the world other then dick. I feel bad for hoes like that their so thirsty and quick to hate on other bi”hes they don’t even know…. sorry your an ugly slob but I’m not b”ch so get over it!!!

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