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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Thought it was about time to put this guy on blast. His name is Kyle Anderson from Edmonton Alberta. He has a promotional company called “Privilige Productions” where he basically whores out the ugliest girls to clubs all over Edmonton -Last pic is a couple of the girls he has working for him- This guy is the dirtiest mofo in Edmonton. He thinks he has the best game but can only land heffers, or 3.2 looking girls -if that-. Kyle is skeezy, will f’ck over ANYONE, and only talks to you when he needs a favor -which he thinks he is owed-. He is 23-24 and still lives with his MOM! But tells people he is helping her out. He is a total creep and has tried to get with every girl I know. Key word here, TRIED. Oh, did I mention he wants to be a fighter as well and roided up for a while? ha ha ha loser.

He looks like a sexual predator, my guess is he will become a photographer once he no longer is allowed to promote (which is only a matter of time after seeing those girls).- nik

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