Jason Leask of Calgary

Jason Leask of Calgary

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The Dirty Army: Nik, Jason Leask is a horrific monster. A drug abusing, gambling, narcissistic alcoholic woman beater! His rap sheet is a mile long. At first he tries to sweep you off your feet, and after a few months the psychological abuse starts. Every fight gets turned around into all his problems being your fault. At the end of it all you are walking away and thinking, what the hell just happened?

I made a huge mistake of marrying this guy after making excuses for all the red flags I saw. Not only that, I had his child. He tried to pretend that he is a perfect father, but that didn't last. Throughout our horrific divorce, he continued to say that he will be there and that I was the love of his life and that he will do everything to be able to see his son (due to Jason's drug and alcohol issues I required him to do a drug test to be able to see the child). And guess what? Nothing!

He has not seen our son since he was 10 months old, he is nearly 3 now. No Christmas cards, no birthday presents-NOTHING! Jason is over $48,000 deep in overdue child support payments! I helped him set up a business, and he stole all the money.

He is a mover and owns Leask Moving, which he later renamed Austin's Moving (out son's previous name). Nice touch, hey? He walks around like he is a victim in all this, where he is a monster. During our marriage he lied, cheated and mentally and physically abused me, and will continue to do so. Numerous charges of assault and domestic abuse! Sickening! Maintenance Enforcement is after him, his driver's license is suspended, he can't get a passport, he can't register a vehicle, all because he hides from child support and is stealing money from his own flesh and blood! If you know him, please contact MEP at justice Alberta.

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