Blythe Flake of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Blythe Flake of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Nik, Blythe Flake, she posts terrible stuff about people on Facebook constantly. Well, it’s time the truth got out. Hard to find where to start with this one.

She began her career as as serial cheater probably earlier, but her first serious activity was working to steal her ex-husband away from his then wife. He was an attorney, and she was a sweet, innocent little college student (ha!). She pulled it off, married, had a few kids, all the while, targeting new candidates to excite her world. Most of these were either her husband’s clients or guys from her gym, where should would blatantly ask guys, “my name is Blythe, hit me up, if you’d like to hook up some time.”

She had rendezvous with guys at hotel rooms all over town, meanwhile telling her ex-hubby, that these guys were just friends and some of them just wouldn’t leave her alone. Then came one of her biggest plays. She found a married business man and decided to turn it up. I think she thought she found a sugar daddy, and could rip this one away, too. Word is she pursued him and helped break up his marriage. Her husband got wind of some of her shenanigans and finally divorced her.

Evidently, the project to turn the new guy into an immediate husband number 2, hit a snag. So she began trying out new guys in town, mostly a lot of married guys, some bit, some didn’t. However, the new man evidently realized this and their activities became some of the best stories in town, as she pulled him back and forth into this circus act. While she had this on the hook, she began a relationship with a true “sugar daddy.”

At more than 30 years her senior, she found one of the areas top “whore-mongers.” She coaxed him into putting her up in one of his houses, re-decorating it to her likes, and paying her bills, including a new education as an OTA!! She eventually sweet talked the geezer into buying a house for her, keep in mind this all going on while she is trying to con potential hubby #2 into popping the question.

The most entertaining event happened when #2 tried to completely break it all off with her. She evidently accused him of seeing another woman, a much younger woman. The official story is that she broke into his home, and attacked him, with his kids there!!! He filed charges and was able to get a restraining order against her.

The story goes, that she tried cranking things up with the geezer, but he didn’t want anything permanent, like marriage, but liked keeping her on a string. I suppose this was an acceptable situation, and allowed her to pursue other options in town. She is currently up to 3 more guys, all of which are not married (fortunately), that she is trying on for a fit. Hope the sugar daddy doesn’t get wind of this- could be the end of the gravy train!!!

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    I love her thst’s Mikes Mom

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    what good im hogg bitch

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    Pretty pretty