Shauna Smith of El Cajon

Shauna Smith of El Cajon

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The Dirty Army: Nik, this low life is another of east county's finest garbage. She's a liar, manipulator and cheater by habit and choice. She nearly has orgasms over being a b*tch and doing others wrong. God help you to be near this pile because she will drain you  until you look like a raisin in the middle of death valley.

She seems sweet and innocent but has a two face like no other. She holds no regard for anyone other than herself and will constantly take the next Greg that gives her attention.

She had a good man for near 7-8 years and had a kid with him. Every year or so she would leave to f**k around on him while he kept everything unconditional, even in between leaving she would keep her options open and constantly pay other men attention almost to a point of narcissism. On multiple occasions having her next Greg lined up on the same day as dumping the poor guy. SHE DOESN'T STOP. It's like the boy who cried wolf! Many of her friends even turned on her because of her BS. If you want to deal with a horrid etiquette, rudeness, laziness and genuine selfishness look no further. Even the men she runs away with have a nasty habit of turning her away or dumping her almost immediately.

This girl has no ambitions for creating anything better for her kid or her own life and is just about herself on any level. Not a good person, even will go low enough to talk about people who have done nothing wrong to her. She even went to the extreme level of cheating on her baby daddy when they were still together. Her baby daddy went and got laid and had some girls over to their old place after she left him. and even though she has been the piece of sh*t, she tried turning that on him as well. She is just very pathetic. Stay away, you're better off!

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