El Cajon

Shauna Smith of El Cajon

Shauna Smith of El Cajon

Nik, this low life is another of east county’s finest garbage. She’s a liar, manipulator and cheater by habit and choice. She nearly has orgasms over being a b*tch and doing others wrong. God help you to be near this pile because she will drain you  until you look like a raisin in the middle of death valley.

She seems sweet and innocent but has a two face like no other. She holds no regard for anyone other than herself and will constantly take the next Greg that gives her attention.

She had a good man for near 7-8 years and had a kid with him. Every year or so she would leave to f**k around on him while he kept everything unconditional, even in between leaving she would keep her options open and constantly pay other men attention almost to a point of narcissism. On multiple occasions having her next Greg lined up on the same day as dumping the poor guy. SHE DOESN’T STOP.Continue Reading