E Towns Resident Douchebag


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e towns resident fucktard

e towns resident fucktard

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I cant believe this guy is not on here yet he is something else thats for sure
who justin iverson were edmonton and area what a dirty scum bag. this guy will friend u on facebook trying to sell u one of his f*cked up pitbull puppies for insane prices that he trys to breed if ur a hot chick even if ur not he will msg u act all sweet not tell u he has a gf or in some cases he will but that he hates her and cant leave her apparently dog sitters are not cheap these day then he will ask u for pics and start sending u and ur friends if u introduce ect nude pics of his small a*s d*ck like seriously YOUR NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF UR DOGS ASS IS BETTER LOOKING AND IVE SEEN BOTH !!!! his gf has no idea he is such a player and cheatin on her right left and center WITH OUT PROTECTION LADIES SO WARNING WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE HE IS DIRTY SH*T!!!!!

I can see the douche in his eyes.- nik 

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