Celsie Royal

Celsie Royal Cash for Trash

Celsie Royal Cash for Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like to introduce Celsie Royal to you, AKA Lariyah Cash. She is great at being a disgusting & a cheap pros*tute. She should learn to be a mother of her 4 children she abandoned in Wichita & left for her mother to raise so she can sell her ass & pay every penny to a pimp to pretend he loves her. Not a dime goes towards her kids nor has she seen them in years. But has the odacity to walk around thinking she is better than everybody else & the most beautiful thing out there when in all actuality she looks like a shriveled up possum faced cunt. She is a pure waste of human being


Celsie Royal aka Laryiah Cash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Celsie Royal a.k.a Laryiah Cash NEEDS EXPOSED!!! She is great at being a PROSTITUTE, WHORE & BITCH! Celsie Royal aka Layriah Cash should try and learn to be a mother of her 4 kids. She is on Wichita ks TOP 10 MOST WANTED list for a Drug charge which is no surprise with her drd infested ass. Her kids are all by different men as well as not knowing who the real father of her 3rd child(boy)is, she says it is Emory Buncome’s kid but she told me she does’t really know for sure. She tries to make people on her Facebook believe she is taking care of them by posting pics especially to the kids grandparents on their fathers side She says she loves playing the role when she doesn’t really have to. She travels from Wichita,Ks to Kansas City, Mo. hopping on dicks, prostituting ,spreading drd’s stealing money,tking drugs. Be careful men and women you might get something from her!! Her mother Mindy which has heart conditions is having to watch and take care of her kids since she abandoned them! She thinks she is the most beautiful thing going but she looks like a bitch with aids. Stay away from this whore she will try and ruin your life by spreading lies & Blackmale you to get what she wants from you. BEWARE OF HER!!!!